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        Who we are

        We are a leader in Solar EPC

        RBA Solar is driven by a commitment to revolutionize the solar energy landscape, ensuring a cleaner and more sustainable future for all. Founded with a vision to make solar power accessible and impactful, our team meticulously caters to the unique energy needs of every client.

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        Client satisfaction is our primary focus

        Specializing in solar solutions, RBA Solar seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology and innovation into every aspect of our services. From energy generation and storage to system maintenance, we take charge of the entire lifecycle, providing comprehensive solutions for efficient and affordable solar power consumption.

        Quality and Satisfaction

        RBA Solar prioritizes quality throughout our services, ensuring customer satisfaction with every aspect of your solar solution. From material selection to expert installation, we exceed industry standards to guarantee lasting performance and peace of mind.


        RBA Solar offers cost-effective solar solutions designed to maximize your return on investment. By harnessing solar power, you can significantly reduce energy expenses while minimizing your environmental footprint. Choose RBA Solar for smart, economical energy solutions.


        At RBA Solar, innovation drives our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solar technology. We continuously push boundaries to offer advanced solutions, from high-efficiency panels to smart energy management systems. Trust RBA Solar for innovative solutions that meet your evolving energy needs.

        Solar Steps

        Comprehensive Site and Project Analysis

        We initiate the process with a meticulous examination of your property's architecture and anticipated electrical requirements. This in-depth analysis forms the foundation for crafting a customized solar power system, ensuring optimal efficiency and suitability.

        Seamless Installation Process

        Our certified and experienced workforce ensures the swift and hassle-free installation of your solar system. With precision and expertise, we guarantee that your solar solution is operational in minimal time, providing you with sustainable energy solutions.

        Ongoing Services and Repairs

        Post-installation, we don't just stop there. Continuous monitoring of your solar installation is our commitment. Our team provides regular services to ensure the seamless operation of your system, addressing any issues promptly to eliminate inconvenience. Your satisfaction with our solar solutions remains our top priority.

        We'll simplify the entire solar journey for you, ensuring a seamless transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions.

        Our focus extends beyond mere energy provision; we aim to enhance and simplify daily living through smart energy solutions. RBA Solar is dedicated to expanding the reach of solar  technology across the nation, transforming it into an essential utility for households everywhere. Join us on this journey towards a brighter, sustainable future with RBA Solar.

        Cover a Large Area to All Corners of the Country

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        Our Companies by Number

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        What our clients say

        Rajesh Kumar - Delhi, India

"Switching to solar with RBA Solar was the best decision for my family. Our electricity bills have significantly reduced, and we're proud to contribute to a greener environment. The entire process, from consultation to installation, was smooth and efficient."

        Sunita Patel - Gurugram, India

"Choosing RBA Solar for our rooftop solar installation was a game-changer. Not only have we witnessed substantial savings on our electricity bills, but the team's professionalism and dedication made the entire experience hassle-free. Highly recommend!"

        Ankit Sharma - Delhi, India

"I was skeptical initially, but RBA Solar impressed me with their detailed analysis and personalized solar solution. Now, I'm not just saving on electricity costs, but I feel proud to be part of the clean energy movement. Thank you for making it easy for us!"

        Asha Singh - Faridabad, Delhi

"Installing solar panels with RBA Solar was a wise investment. The team's expertise and commitment to quality were evident throughout the process. Our home is now powered by the sun, and we couldn't be happier with the results."

        Prateek Kapoor - Gurugram, India

"Kudos to RBA Solar for making solar adoption so effortless! The system's efficiency exceeded our expectations, and the cost savings are remarkable. The after-service support has been excellent. Definitely, the go-to choice for solar solutions!”


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